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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של החברה לארכאולוגיה פוסט-ימי-הביניים [סוונסי 04/24] דדליין=4.12.23

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Post-Medieval Archaeology Congress 2024: Call for Papers and Posters

The sixth annual Post-Medieval Archaeology Congress will be hosted by Swansea University in Wales. The meeting will be supported by CHART (Centre for Heritage Research and Training) and CRAM (Conflict, Reconstruction and Memory Research Group), both part of the History, Heritage and Classics Department (School of Culture and Communication).

Swansea, located on the south coast, is the second largest city in Wales. It was an important port, migration route and industrial centre, famous for tinplate, steel and ceramic production. The National Waterfront Museum is located in the Maritime Quarter and holds important maritime and industrial collections while Swansea Museum, the oldest museum in Wales, holds collections on the pottery industries in south Wales. It is a region profoundly affected by industrialization and de-industrialization, by political devolution and Welsh cultural identity. This will be the first time that the SPMA Congress has been hosted in Wales and we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to visit. The conference will take place at the beautiful Singleton Campus, set between parkland and the sweeping sands of Swansea Bay.

Research on post-medieval, historical and contemporary archaeology from around the world has been showcased at previous Congresses, demonstrating the breadth of interest and knowledge in our field from researchers at all stages of their career, whether academics, students, commercial, or community archaeologists. The annual Congress is open to all researchers to report current and recent research on any aspect of post-medieval/later-historical archaeology. There is no geographical focus and we welcome papers from around the world.  We ask contributors to offer 15-minute papers, which the organisers will arrange into themed sessions, or poster displays. Organised sessions of papers set around a particular research interest or theme are also encouraged.  All papers at PMAC24 will be delivered in person. Select papers will be livestreamed.


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