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קול קורא // קולוקוויום: קריאות יהודיות בכתבי הברית החדשה [מונטסראט, ספרד & מקוון 01/24] דדליין=15.12.23

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Colloquium: Jewish Readings in NT Manuscripts, 22-25 Jan 2024, Monastery of Montserrat

Please see the attached leaflet for a Colloquium on Jewish Readings in New Testament Manuscripts, to be held at the Monastery of Montserrat on 22-25 January 2024.

The deadline for registration is 15 December 2023.

Contributions are invited on the Jewish features of NT variant readings and/or the current state of research on the text of early versions and patristic/apocryphal writings. Written papers may be submitted in English, French or Spanish and will sent out to participants 2 weeks before the Colloquium. Discussion during the colloquium will mainly be in English, with translation available as necessary. Hybrid arrangements may be possible.


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Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, Montserrat, Spain
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