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Henry Kaufman Financial History Fellowship Program - Dissertation Fellowships

The Henry Kaufman Financial History Fellowship Program supports research by emerging scholars in financial history, broadly conceived. Fellowships include monetary awards as well as support from the BHC community of scholars, which for decades has prioritized engagement with graduate students and early career researchers. The program is endowed by a generous gift from renowned economist Dr. Henry Kaufman (Henry & Elaine Kaufman Foundation, Inc).

The program offers three kinds of awards: Research fellowships, Dissertation fellowships, and Post-Doctoral fellowships.  To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in or graduates of an accredited doctoral program.

Henry Kaufman Financial History Research Fellowships provide for the cost of travel to archives, libraries, research centers, or other research sites (up to $1,000 for in-country travel or up to $2,000 for international travel); access to research databases (up to $500); and other justifiable research-related costs for scholars whose work engages meaningfully with financial history in any time period or region of the world and who are currently in an accredited PhD program or who earned a doctorate within 5 years of the application deadline. Funds must be used within a twelve-months period from the date of award unless granted an extension by the Selection Committee.


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