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קול קורא // למאמרים (אסופה): הספרות העברית החדשה -- קריאה רחוקה [אנגלית / מודפס] דדליין לתקצירים=1.12.23

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What can quantification, statistics, and algorithms contribute to our understanding of literary works, trends, or history? How can engagement with data be productive, contributing to traditional research strategies by adding more options of interpretation and analysis? We welcome proposals for an edited volume on the possibilities – and limitations – of applying computational methodologies to the study of modern Hebrew literature from the Haskalah to contemporary times, all genres, including translation studies.

Please send abstracts by December 1, 2023 (500 words, and preliminary bibliography) in which you define your project: corpus, methodology, innovation, context, and connection to traditional literary study.

Articles of ~7,000 words will be due April 1, 2024

For queries and submissions digitalhebrewbook@gmail.com

Nancy Berg
Yael Dekel
Adia Mendelson Maoz

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