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Helen Diller Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies - Visiting Faculty

The Helen Diller Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies invites applications for the Visiting Faculty and Scholars Program from a wide range of disciplines relating to Israel Studies. Visiting Faculty and Scholars are an integral part of the Helen Diller Institute every year, and are actively engaged with Institute programs, faculty and students.

About the Institute
The Helen Diller Institute provides our nation’s future leaders with a rich academic forum for exploring the breadth and complexity of Israel and Jewish topics. At a time when polarization is more severe than ever, we bring integrity, nuance, and grit to restore civil discourse, creating dynamic spaces where students and the wider community can thoughtfully exchange ideas on complicated, deep-seated subjects. Our programs expose students to world-class thought leadership while fostering a community of faculty and peers to support them throughout their college experience. We are committed to elevating the discourse not merely as an intellectual exercise–but to cultivate more educated leaders for tomorrow.


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University of California, Berkeley, Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA, USA
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