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מחקר ולימודים // תכנית: הרגע הבין-דתי-המונותיאיסטי – עבר והווה [אונ ת"א 09/23] דדליין=31.7.23

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The Monotheistic Interreligious Moment – Past and Present

Frankfurt-Tel Aviv Center for the Study of Religious and Interreligious Dynamics
The Monotheistic Interreligious Moment – Past and Present
Summer School September 3–13, 2023
The newly founded Frankfurt-Tel Aviv Center for the Study of Religious and Interreligious Dynamics announces its first open international summer school for graduate students to take place at Tel Aviv University, September 3–13, 2023. Entitled The Monotheistic Interreligious Moment – Past and Present, its focus will be on interreligious dynamics across a broad array of historical, systematic, and political dimensions ranging from antiquity to the present. As lecturers, we were able to enlist distinguished experts in the field of religious and interreligious studies from Tel Aviv University, Goethe University Frankfurt and other institutions.
Students from Tel Aviv University who’ll fulfill the requirements (attendance, a presentation and/or an essay written afterwards) will be credited by Tel Aviv University with 2–4 credits; students from Frankfurt and from abroad can obtain a certificate of attendance equivalent to 4–6 credit points issued by the Goethe University Frankfurt for the Frankfurt-Tel Aviv Center.
The summer school is designed for graduate students; MA and PhD students are welcome to apply. The general fee for the summer school will be $ 400 and includes accommodation (at the Tel Aviv University dormitories). Travel expenses will not be covered by the organizing institutions – we encourage applicants to seek funding from their own universities. If, however, support regarding the program fee or travel expenses is urgently required to facilitate participation, please contact us by July 31, 2023 via email to: i.sauter@em.uni-frankfurt.de. For MA students of Goethe University Frankfurt, for instance, partial coverage of their travel expenses might be forthcoming. 
MA and PhD students interested in applying are invited to submit a few sentences (approx. 200–300 words) on their motivation to participate and a short academic CV, not exceeding one page (to i.sauter@em.uni-frankfurt.de) no later than July 31, 2023. We shall be accepting a total of 20 students. Since the number of slots is limited, please apply as soon as possible.



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