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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי ה-5 של הרשת האירופית להיסטוריה של העבודה [אופסלה 06/24] דדליינים שונים. דדליין אחרון=30.9.23

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European Labour History Network (ELHN) Fifth Conference

The 5th conference of the European Labour History Network will be held at Uppsala University in 11-13 June 2024 and in a hybrid setting. Proposals for sessions and papers (including session titles, abstracts, titles of the papers and names of presenters/affiliation and an indication of whether they are participating onsite or online) should be sent by 30 September 2023.


לכנס זה ישנם קולות קוראים לתחומים שונים, ולכל אחד דדליין שונה ביולי ואוגוסט.

תחומים לדוגמה להלן. בדף הכנס תחומים נוספים.

CfP: Guest-workers of the World
Call for papers, deadline 5 September 2023
CfPs: Labour & Coercion at the 5th ELHN Conference
Call for papers, deadline 20 August 2023
Working-class Anti-Imperialism and the Global Left: New Directions of Study
Workshop, 30 June 2023, Bristol
CfP: Visual and Material Histories of Military Labour
Call for Proposals, deadline 14 August 2023
CfP: 50th anniversary of the European Trade Union Confederation (1973-2023)
Call for papers, deadline 30 May 2023
CfP: Military Labour History at the ELHN Conference, 2024
Call for papers, deadline 31 July 2023
CfP Precarious Labour – Fifth ELHN Conference – Open Call for Proposals
Call for proposals, deadline 1 September 2023
CfP: Feminist Labour History – Fifth ELHN Conference
Call for proposals, deadline 1 July 2023
CfA: The neoliberal turn and the history of everyday life in Central and Eastern Europe
Call for Articles, deadline 31 August 2023
CfP: Workshop Ethnic Identities and Industrial Memory
Call for papers, extended deadline: 31 May 2023
CfP: A Historical Casebook of Wage Formation: Wage determination and wage bargains of the pre industrial world
Call for papers, deadline 17 April 2023
New ELHN Working Group on Precarious Labour
CfP: Households as Coercive Labour Regimes
Call for papers, deadline 25 March 2023

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