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הזדמנות // מלגה: מלגת אלבוגן לדוקטורנטים/ות לשהות במכון ליאו בק למחקר הנוגע ליהדות גרמניה [ניו יורק] דדליין=30.9.23

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The Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Scholarship Fund (ELES), in cooperation with the Leo Baeck Institute New York (LBI), is pleased to announce the international Ismar Elbogen Scholarship. The program is directed at doctoral students of various disciplines working on a dissertation related to the history and culture of German-speaking Jewry and includes a 6-12 month research stay at the Center for Jewish History at LBI in New York.

The international scholarship program receives its name from the German-Jewish scholar and Rabbi Ismar Elbogen, who emigrated to the USA in 1938 and became one of the most influential figures in the Jewish community in New York. Elbogen worked and was active in institutions including the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Hebrew Union College, the Jewish Institute of Religion, and Dropsie College. His most prominent works include Jewish Liturgy: A Comprehensive History (1913), Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland (1935) and Century of Jewish Life (1944).

The Leo Baeck Institute in New York, with its more than 80,000 volumes, constantly expanding archive, and unique art collections, is the most significant collection site of primary sources and research materials on Jewish communities in Central Europe.


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