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קול קורא // לאירועים: הצעת אירועים במדעי הרוח הסביבתיים [הלסינקי 09-12/23] דדליין=21.8.23

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Call for Events and Microgrants: Environmental Humanities Month, September-December 2023

The Environmental Humanities Month is now inviting proposals the Environmental Humanities Month in the Autumn of 2023.
This year we offer microgrants up to 100 euros per event thanks to the generous support of HELSUS.
Deadline: 21.8.2023 (Monday)

The Environmental Humanities Month is now inviting proposals for online and hybrid events, interventions, projects, actions to be included in the globally focused Environmental Humanities Month in the Autumn of 2023.

The main goal of the Environmental Humanities Month is to raise awareness about the humanities and social sciences aspects of circularity and humanity’s shift to sustainability by targeting a global audience via scientific and artistic interdisciplinary cross-pollination, and by using local knowledge as well as languages beyond English to amplify vulnerable and marginalized voices of environmental humanities across the globe.

What are we looking for?

The first and second Environmental Humanities Months were organized in 2021 and 2022 and included over 40 different projects organized and contributed by over 130 individuals.

In 2023 Environmental Humanities Month is now soliciting a wide range of humanities and social sciences perspectives on circularity and sustainability to be presented and debated jointly with actors from the arts, civil society, and sciences arenas. Perspectives will be included from a very wide range of humanities perspectives as diverse as critical plant studies, discard studies, and energy humanities, via anthropology, gender studies, history, indigenous studies, literature, philosophy, posthumanities studies and the arts widely interpreted. Organizers encourage contributors to create new collaborations with the actors outside their respective disciplines in order to allow activists’, artists’, and scientists’ perspectives to converse and blend.

What do we offer? Microgrants and more!


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University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
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