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קול קורא // לכנס: על ״יחסים מיוחדים״ בין אומות. מדינות ואנשים [ברייטון 12/23] דדליין=15.7.23

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Exploring the Dynamics of Special Relationships: Nations, States, and People

We invite proposals for papers for an interdisciplinary conference that deals with the multiple facets of special relationship between countries.
The phrase “special relationship” is commonly employed to denote a particular connection between nations. Some notable examples of the special relationship between countries include the close ties between the United States and the United Kingdom, the unique bond between Germany and Israel, and the historical connection between India and the United Kingdom. But what does a special relationship mean? Typically, the phrase is employed in discussions regarding the close ties between two sovereign states. The objective of the conference is to delve deeper into the various factors that contribute to the formation and growth of “special relationships” among states, nations, and people, moving beyond its traditional state-to-state connotation.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

– The role of culture, language, and shared values in special relationships between countries.
– What is the role of economic cooperation in shaping diplomatic relationships between countries?
– The influence of international organizations and supranational entities on special relationships between countries.
– How do domestic political factors such as public opinion, political ideology, and regime type impact diplomatic relationships between countries?
– What is the role of links between people as the basis for special relationships between countries?
– The role of personal relationships between leaders in the formation of special relationships between countries.
– The future of special relationships between countries in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

We welcome original proposals from various disciplines. Our intention is to use the conference as a peer-review forum. Participants will be asked to submit their presentations prior to the conference, and these will be discussed and reviewed by the plenum. Following the conference, participants will transform their presentations into articles, incorporating feedback provided during the event. Our objective is to compile the articles into an edited volume titled The Multiple Facets of Special Relationships. We will provide financial support of up to £300 to assist participants who require travel funding. We will also offer two-night accommodation at a hotel in Brighton. In addition, we will provide refreshments and lunches. Please send a title, short (approx. 300 words) abstract, along with a 1–2-page c.v. and contact information by July 15, 2023, to David Tal, d.tal@sussex.ac.uk


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