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קול קורא // לסדנה: הטבע והגורמים לעושר האומות ב-2023 - 300 שנה להולדתו של אדם סמית' [גלזגו 06/23] דדליין=21.4.23

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The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations in 2023

As part of a week-long series of activities, the University of Glasgow will host academic workshops to commemorate the Adam Smith Tercentenary. With thanks to support from the Templeton Foundation, we invite contributions to the workshop on:

The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations in 2023
Thursday, 8 June 2023, University of Glasgow
Applications from all disciplines are encouraged, but places are limited. It will feature 10-15 minute contributions from speakers, followed by open discussion amongst panellists and audience members, facilitated by a Chair and with special guest discussant:
Professor Deirdre Nansen McCloskey (Illinois at Chicago)
Those wishing to participate should email alex.trew@glasgow.ac.uk (with email subject “AS300 workshop”) including a brief (no more than 200 words) statement on the intended contribution on either the Nature or the Causes, along with a C.V.
Deadline: Friday 21st April 2023.

PhD students and Early Career Researchers are particularly encouraged. Funding of up to £100 is available from the Institute for Humane Studies for PhD students and Early Career Researchers based in the U.K. to travel and contribute to the workshop. Please note in your email application whether you seek funding.
During Adam Smith Tercentenary Week, participants are invited to attend other commemorative events at the University of Glasgow, including a public lecture from Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Sir Angus Deaton, and evening lectures by high profile speakers and academic panels. The week will culminate in a day-long Symposium on Saturday, June 10, where international scholars and practitioners will bring Smith into conversation with contemporary issues. In addition to Professor McCloskey, keynotes include Professor Sir Tim Besley (LSE), Professor Benjamin Friedman (Harvard), Professor Mary Morgan (LSE) and Sir John Kay.

Full information on Tercentenary activities are here: www.gla.ac.uk/explore/adamsmith300

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