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הזדמנות // חוקר/ת: מלגה לדוקטורט בתחום של פסיכולוגיה חברתית ובריאות [בר אילן / צפת & מקוון] דדליין=1.2.23

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Fully funded doctoral position (scholarship) in social psychology and health

The Social Psychology of Health and Well-being Lab in the Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, is seeking for a highly motivated doctoral student to lead research on the social psychological mechanisms that help maintain intergroup inequality, and how they contribute to disparities in health, mental health, and well-being.

The lab focuses on three main lines of research:

  • The social psychological processes involved in creating and maintaining health inequalities and disparities.
  • The role of sex, gender, and sexual orientation in health and mental health
  • The effects of dehumanization and objectification on people’s mental, physical, and sexual health.

More information about the lab and specific fields of research can be found here: https://rotemkahalon.com/research/


The successful candidate will have:

-A Master’s degree in the following or related fields: social psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social work, or related fields.

-Experience with quantitative research methods

Application instructions:

Interested applicants can email the following to Dr. Kahalon: rotem.kahalon@biu.ac.il

-A curriculum Vitae

-A cover letter that summarizes your qualifications and interest

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Dr. Rotem Kahalon rotem.kahalon@biu.ac.il
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