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מחקר ולימודים // תזכורת / לכנס: ביה"ס ה-6 במדעי הרוח על הצלבנים והחברות של המזרח הלטיני [העברית / ירושלים 05-06/23] דדליין=2.1.23

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The 6th Advanced School in the Humanities

Open call for the 6th School in the Humanities on the Crusades and the Societies of the Latin East. Themes and topics will include: New perspectives on the cultural history of Crusader settlements in the East; Crusader cities in the Mediterranean context; local cultures of the Latin Levant; immigrant societies compared; integrating archeological data and texts; biographies, politics and the (re)construction of historical identities; Crusader studies and the issue of diversity. Speakers will include leading experts in the field of Crusade Studies from the US, Europe and Israel.
We welcome applications from all suitably qualified candidates. During the gathering, participants will be expected to present their current research in the format of a poster or a talk. Successful applicants will be notified in early 2023 and will be offered funding for travel and accommodation.

Dates: 28.5-2.6.23

Deadline: 2.1.23

מארגנים: איריס שגריר, יונתן רובין ואנה גוטגרץ


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