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Mediterranean Seminar Book Prize 2023 - Best Book in Mediterranean Studies

The current prize contest is for best book and covers publications dated 2020-2022. Entries must be received by 1 January 2023.

Criteria: The entries submitted should reflect the goals and mission of the Mediterranean Seminar, namely, to promote the Mediterranean region as a framework for scholarly inquiry and pedagogy. See www.mediterraneanseminar.org for details.

We are most interested in books that break new ground conceptually or methodologically, are comparative and/or interdisciplinary, that emphasize the intercultural/interregional/inter-religious contact, that are “of” rather than merely “in” the Mediterranean. Although we focus on the pre- and Early Modern, books ranging from any period will be considered. Books from any of the relevant Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines are welcome, including but not limited to all fields of history, art and material culture, literary and cultural studies, anthropology, and sociology. The Mediterranean is broadly construed as the region centered on the sea, but including connected hinterlands in Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the western Indian Ocean, the Near East and Central Asia.

Contest Rules


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