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הזדמנות // תכנית עם מלגה: דוקטורט על שפות וטקסטים עתיקים [ברלין] דדליין=1.12.22

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2 Scholarships for Doctoral Studies (October 2023 - September 2027) Doctoral Program: Ancient Languages and Texts (BerGSAS)

The Graduate School Scholarship Program (GSSP) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering six doctoral scholarships to carry out a doctorate within the framework of three different programs at the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS).

Ancient History, History of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages; Ancient Oriental Languages; Ancient Philology: Greek (with Byzantine); Latin (Classical Latin, Middle and Modern Latin); Egyptology (with Coptology); Iranian Studies; Jewish Studies; Protestant Theology (with Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and Septuagint, New Testament, Church History); Religious Studies; Roman Law.

Applicants must hold an outstanding Master's degree (MA, MSt, or MSc), or Diploma in one of the aforementioned subjects or be very close to completion.

Doctoral program

The doctoral program Ancient Languages and Texts (ALT) focuses on the written heritage of ancient cultures which includes literary works as well as documentary texts like inscriptions and papyri. Also, research is carried out into phenomena of mediality such as the interaction between texts and pictorial representations. In this line of inquiry, traditional philological methods are being combined with historical and cultural issues. In addition to that, particular emphasis is placed on theories and approaches of modern literary studies and linguistics. Topics and methods in the digital humanities and computer philology also belong to the program ALT. Thus, the program is characterized by a plurality of methods and a wide understanding of the concept of ‘a text’. Doctoral students are expected to participate in Digital Humanities training offered by BerGSAS.

Who can apply?


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Graduate School of Ancient Studies, Hittorfstraße, Berlin, גרמניה
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