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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה בכירה/ה על ישראל, ציוויליזציה יהודית ולימודי שואה [סידני] דדליין=3.10.22

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The Roth Foundation Senior Lecturer in Israel, Jewish Civilisation and Holocaust Studies

Over the last decade the faculty has developed a strong program of Jewish Civilisation, Holocaust and Israel Studies and Contemporary Jewry, including studies relating to Israel, looking at its historical past, contemporary domestic policies and external conflicts, at undergraduate, including Honours, masters and doctoral levels, as part of its strong program in Jewish Studies. This is your opportunity to develop your skills and expertise alongside internationally renowned scholars in a supportive team environment. In this lectureship role, you will:

  • teach and supervise at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and help coordinate and promote the Israel, Jewish Civilisation, and Holocaust Studies programs in an interdisciplinary environment, working closely with the Department of History, and developing links with other Faculty departments
  • undertake research and publication in your area of specialization and secure grant funding
  • take part in administrative activities in the Department and serve on School and Faculty committees
  • contribute to professional and community collaborations in the field.

About you

We are looking for a Senior Lecturer in Israel, Jewish Civilisation and Holocaust Studies who possesses:

  • a PhD in Jewish Studies with a preference for Modern Jewish Studies including Holocaust or Israel Studies
  • a proven ability to teach in Jewish Civilisation, Thought and Culture across the broad spectrum of Jewish, Holocaust and Israel Studies
  • knowledge of Modern Hebrew
  • evidence of being an innovative and creative thinker who can strengthen and expand the program, as well as being able to contribute to the broader Jewish Civilisation program
  • evidence of being self-driven and experienced, as well as working well in teams
  • research potential that is demonstrated by publications and/or grants.


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University of Sydney
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