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הזדמנות // פרס: פרס קושיצקי לתלמידי מחקר על ממלכת ישראל הצפונית [אריאל] דדליין=15.9.22

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The 2022 Koschitzky Prize for papers by young scholars

The Heritage Center for the Study of The Kingdom of Israel at Ariel University is happy to announce the call for the 2022 Koschitzky Prize for papers by young scholars.

Up to three prizes will be awarded:

  • a first prize of $1000
  • a second prize of $750
  • a third prize of $500

The prizes will be awarded for the best published articles, MA theses or PhD dissertations dealing with the Northern Kingdom of Israel or with related topics within its area. The committee will consider only papers/theses/dissertations that were published during the years 2021-2022, or that were accepted for publication in a coming volume of a peer-reviewed journal.

Prize applicants must be Ph.D. candidates. They may be of any nationality, but the submitted paper must be in Hebrew or English. Co-written pieces may be submitted if the applicant is the first author. The three winners will be invited to present their studies at the annual conference of the Institute of Archaeology at Ariel University (late December 2022/ early January 2023).

All submissions must be in PDF format only. All submissions must include both the cover page and the paper. All submissions must be received no later than September 15, 2022. The prize will be announced on October 2022.


Email PDF of paper and cover sheet to: Dr. Aharon Tavger, The Heritage Center for the Study of The Kingdom of Israel, Ariel University tavgeraa@gmail.com.

The Prize Committee: Mr. Amitai Koschitzky, Prof. Aren Maeir (Bar Ilan University), Prof. Yuval Gadot (Tel Aviv University) and Prof. ltzick Shai (Ariel University, Chair).


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