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קול קורא // תזכורת / לכנס: מושג המציאות בפילוסופיה הגרמנית הקלאסית [רוזנצוויג, העברית 06/23] דדליין=31.10.22

כתובת ההודעה: https://www.hum-il.com/message/2080602/

The Concept of Reality in Classical German Philosophy

The conference focuses on the concept of reality
in Classical German Philosophy in its entire scope.
The way these different concepts of reality have been
received in the 20th and 21st centuries is also on the
program, with contributors’ proposals determining
the overall orientation of the conference. The
conference will take place at the Franz Rosenzweig
Minerva Research Center in Jerusalem.

We kindly ask those interested in participating to
submit a title and a short informative abstract to
the email address below by October 31, 2022.
Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes in
length and can be conducted in either German
or English. Publication of the contributions is

מפרסם ההודעה
נעמה סרי-לוי Rosenzweig@mail.huji.ac.il 02-5881909
שמירה ושיתוף


תזכורות יישלחו 10 ,5 ,2 ימים לפני האירוע וביום האירוע
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