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קול קורא // לכנס: אנתרו-זואולוגיה כפרקטיקה עולמית - כנס סטודנטיםות בלימודי חיות [אקסטר / מקוון 11/22] דדליין=31.8.22

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Anthrozoology as International Practice (AIP): A Student Conference in Animal Studies

Following on from the success of our inaugural conference we invite current and prospective students who care about animals and are interested in studying human encounters with other species to participate FREE of charge in our second annual ONLINE conference: ‘Anthrozoology as International Practice: A Student Conference in Animal Studies (AIP2022)’

Hosted by the University of Exeter’s Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) working group, this event is scheduled to take place virtually 11-12 November 2022. We welcome presentations from students with a variety of educational experience and early career researchers in anthrozoology and related fields (such as human-animal studies, natural sciences, or philosophy). Proposed presentations on topics in all areas of anthrozoology will be considered, and applicants from any university, college or country are welcomed. However, we ask you to please read the EASE position on anthrozoology as symbiotic ethics as papers that do not align with the EASE ethos of non-harm, respect, and individual autonomy will not be considered.

This conference aims to spotlight research being undertaken by students around the world, in the hopes of building a global support network of likeminded individuals. Presentations based on PhD research proposals are also welcome.

Who can participate:

  • Students in any Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD program, anywhere in the world.
  • Recent graduates from PhD programs (less than 12 months on 1 Nov 2022).
  • Individuals ‘in between’ the above programs (Especially those interested in pursuing further study or research!)

Two presentation formats are possible:

  • The standard format will be 15-minute oral presentations (with PowerPoint slides), followed by additional time for audience questions.
  • For undergraduates or graduates of a bachelor’s degree (or those just starting a master’s degree), there is an option for a shorter 5-minute presentation about your project or favourite topic.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:



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