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הזדמנות // משרה: איש/אשת סגל בכיר/ה בהיסטוריה של העת העתיקה [אודנסה] דדליין=1.9.22

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Professor in ancient history

The Department of History at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) invites applications for a professorship in ancient history with a starting date of 1 February 2023 or soon thereafter. A research profile in the field of ancient historiography will count as a special strength. The successful applicant is expected to teach within the BA and MA programmes in history and classics and contribute to the other programmes that the Department is responsible for.

We seek a colleague who as professor will be able to contribute considerably to the continued development of the Department. Applicants for the professorship are expected to demonstrate research and teaching qualifications at a high international level, both in regard to the analytical and to the theoretical and methodological dimensions of the field.

In terms of research, we value thematic breadth and a strong publication record that comprises monographs, as well as articles in prestigious intern ational journals within the field. We further expect applicants to champion an active and ambitious research agenda.

Applicants are expected to have broad experience in teaching and supervision at all levels (BA to PhD) and to perform teaching of a proven high quality, documented through evaluations and specific course descriptions.

The Department of History is a dynamic and vibrant community that values good academic citizenship and a good work environment strongly. Appointment to a professorship entails taking responsibility both for the Department’s professional development and for its further growth as an inclusive workplace. We presuppose a proven track record of research management experience, of attracting external research funds, and of participating in international research networks. We expect applicants to actively use these qualifications to the benefit of the Department. Additionally, we expect applicants to take on administrative tasks.

The applicant’s research plan is expected to not only feature plans for research and ideas for projects but also to introduce a vision for further developing the teaching programs, for contributing to the Department’s academic environment, for engaging in the dissemination of knowledge, etc.; finally, the research plan is expected to position the applicant in regard to the general strategy of the Department and of SDU.

Within a shorter period of time, non-Danish speaking appointees are expected to acquire proficiency in Danish at a level sufficient to serve in the position.

For further information about the position, please contact Head of Department Martin Rheinheimer, via telephone (+45 65504201) or email (mrh@sdu.dk).

Academic staff at the Department is required to cover teaching requisitions from related areas, including cross-disciplinary teaching activities and, for instance, the programmes combining business, language and cultural studies .


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