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Finding Home away from Home

Please note, that this anthology follows a Summer School in October 2022, where the papers or ideas for contributions can be discussed and debated.

Finding Home away from Home.

The term Diaspora has gained wide international and interdisciplinary attention in recent decades. Current global events have fostered a sense of home and finding home that is undoubtedly in a state of upheaval, threat, and change. Standard classifications of diasporas provide insights into identity formation tied to a particular concept of home; however, those concepts are often explored in single academic silos such as nation, region, ethnicity, community, borders, sexuality, gender roles, religion, class, and citizenship and rarely consider the pervasive nature of the idea of finding home away from home, with all its fluid interconnections. Home, therefore, is a dynamic and complex process of renegotiation rather than a fixed definition, making this topic an interesting, comprehensive, and timely tool for interdisciplinary diaspora research. Perspectives at the domestic, local, as well as global levels come into focus dealing with the process of finding home. Therefore, this interdisciplinary anthology aims to bridge the gap and wants to reflect on how the diverse and multilayered representations of home and finding home can reshape views of the material and imagined geographies of Europe – from historical as well as contemporary perspectives with respect to its global entanglement and dynamics. Designed as a catalyst, our project will connect, compile, and disseminate innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of home and finding home, filling a gap in interdisciplinary research on finding home in current diaspora studies. Research on the role of diaspora actors and their specific issues for international relations, sociological, anthropological, cultural, and religious studies in migrants' homelands and their ‘hosting societies’ will be presented.

This anthology welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions on contemporary diasporas in Europe, the role of international organizations and civil society, and aims to advance scholarship and debate on emerging global networks, belonging, and transnational identities in the state of deterritorialization. This anthology is dedicated to the academic study of diaspora in the new social geography of Europe with respect to its global dynamics and entanglements. Based on a peer-review process, this anthology will be open to current theories and analyses of diaspora issues from the perspectives of international relations, economics, politics, public policy, education, and sociology in the context of the new social geography of Europe.

Please note, that this anthology follows a Summer School in October 2022, where the papers or ideas for contributions can be discussed and debated. Researchers who are not participating in the Summer School are cordially invited to submit an abstract despite their participation. Feel free to share this Call for Papers with your networks, colleagues, and partners.

Please send a max. 500-word abstract and a 150-word bio by 15th of September 2022 to stefan.van.der.hoek@uni-jena.de. Selections will be finalized by October 1st, 2022.
Manuscript deadline: February 1st, 2022
Publication date: July 2023

Submissions might address some of the following questions:
– How do children/or subsequent generations in diaspora communities conceptualize home away from home?
– How has Covid-19, current migrant trajectories, or new military crisis changed ideas of home and influenced public and private, domestic routines and spaces in relation to diaspora identities?
– How is a home away from home defined by what is not home away from home? Or when does home away from home become home?
– Is it actually possible to obtain various homes? And how is home away from home to be conceptualized particularly in hybrid, border, and marginal spaces, against a backdrop of globalization and urbanization?
– What is the relation of cosmopolitanism to a diaspora in a modern world and how is it to be connected to finding home?

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