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הזדמנות // תזכורת / מלגה: לשהות מחקרית במכון להיסטוריה של יהודי גרמניה [המבורג] דדליין=15.9.22

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Gabriele-Meyer-Fellowship am IGdJ in Hamburg

Jewish life between the early modern period and the present time is researched in all its diversity at the Institute for the History of the German Jews in Hamburg (IGdJ). Ever since its foundation in 1966, not only has the field of Jewish Studies developed and become differentiated in terms of methodology and disciplinarity, but the profile of the IGdJ has also expanded. While the historical focus on German-speaking Jewry remains, Jewish life in the present, current questions of remembrance and commemoration, as well as scholarly work with new media and digital technologies are increasingly coming into focus.

With the summer semester of 2023, the IGdJ will launch the Gabriele Meyer Fellowship Programme to promote cutting-edge scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies and to further sharpen the Institute’s research profile through international exchange. The physician and psychoanalyst Dr. Gabriele Meyer (1938–2018), born and raised in Tel Aviv, with subsequent biographical stations in Malmö and Munich, lived and worked in Hamburg. Named in honour of her as the donor, the fellowship of up to four months will be awarded for the period between April and July 2023. The programme welcomes scholars working on the themes and approaches anchored in the Institute’s research profile. They are encouraged to use the wide-ranging collections of the Institute’s library as well as the holdings of various archives in the region. Fellows are expected to participate in all of the IGdJ’s activities, including presentations of their work in the research colloquium as well as a public lecture. Through the organisation of a one-day workshop the fellows’ project shall be discussed in a broader context of peers, which, in turn, provides valuable networking opportunities in the wider (north-)German scholarly community.

The scholarship amounts to 2,500 Euro per month for doctoral students, 3,000 Euro per month for post-docs (up to 5 years after completion of the doctorate), and 4,000 Euro per month for established scholars. Additionally, the costs for non-recurring travel to and from Hamburg will be covered up to a maximum of 1,500 Euro (up to 300 Euro for travel in German; up to 750 Euro for Europa; and up 1,500 Euro for non-European countries). Fellows are expected to spend their fellowship in residence and with the possibility of accommodation in the nearby Hamburg University Guest House. A monthly subsidy of up to 500 Euro can be offered for living costs at the Guest House or elsewhere in Hamburg. The fellows are obliged to take care of any necessary visas and health insurance in good time.

Applications in German or English must be received by 15 September 2022. The application should include the following:


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