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TAG 43 Edinburgh - Conference theme: ‘Revolutions’

15-17 December 2022 at the University of Edinburgh

With the Theoretical Archaeology Group conference being hosted in Edinburgh for the first time, we want to establish a link with the most famous archaeologist who has worked at our department: Vere Gordon Childe, with his concepts of the Neolithic and the urban ‘revolutions’. While views on these specific topics have shifted considerably over time, we think that ‘revolution(s)’ – understood here in a broad sense – is still a relevant concept within our discipline. While proposals for sessions and papers do not need to be restricted to this theme, with our call for revolutions we want to encourage reflection on the multiple dimensions that the term can encompass. These various meanings can include, but are not limited to: revolutions in the past; revolutions in our understanding, perceptions, and contemporary experiences of the past; revolutions in our conceptual and methodological approaches to the past; and revolutions in our professional practices, including aspects such ethics, inclusivity, and decolonisation.


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