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הזדמנות // מלגה: דוקטורנט/ית בפסיכולוגיה פוליטית [אונ חיפה & העברית] דדליין=1.10.22

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Ph.D. Position - : Political Psychology, Moral Cognition & Applied Ethics

The University of Haifa, School of Political Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Political Science
The psychological, cognitive, and political implications of moral injury during war
When soldiers kill enemy combatants and civilians in war or police officers kill or injure demonstrators, many suffer the acute psychological distress, guilt, and shame of moral injury. Often termed a “hidden wound” of war and law enforcement, moral injury can impair veterans’ mental well-being and hinder their reintegration into civilian life. Our research team investigates the psychological, cognitive, and political dimensions of moral injury through a series of innovative lab and survey-based experiments. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomenology of moral injury in military and domestic security situations, examine the effects of moral injury on democratic citizenship and political participation in democratic societies, and determine whether and how social activism might mitigate the worst effect of moral injury and so facilitate the reintegration of wounded veterans into civil society. For a sample of our work, see here.
Prof. Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Political Science
Prof. Daphna Canetti, The University of Haifa, School of Political Science
Prof. Michael L. Gross, The University of Haifa, School of Political Science
Dr. Uri Hertz, The University of Haifa, Department of Cognitive Sciences
• A graduate degree in political science or cognitive science.
• Interest in implementing an empirically based research agenda,
• Advanced statistical and qualitative methodology skills
• Evidence of contributions to scholarly publications
• Fluency in English; Hebrew proficiency desired but not necessary.
Selected candidates will be enrolled at The University of Haifa or the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the department/school of Political Science and receive a competitive stipend. Applicants must also meet the requirements of the department/school they choose. See links above.
The starting date of the research project is October 1, 2022.


Prof Michael L. Gross, The University of Haifa: mgross@poli.haifa.ac.il
Prof Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: pazit.bennun@mail.huji.ac.il

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