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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של חברת ההיסטוריונים של הארכיטקטורה [מונטריאול 04/23 & מקוון 09/23] דדליין=7.6.22

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Call for Papers - Society of Architectural Historians 2023 Annual International Conference

April 12–16 in Montréal, Canada
September 20–22 Virtual

Conference Chair: Carla Yanni, SAH 1st Vice President elect, Rutgers University
Conference Associate Chair: Mohammad Gharipour, SAH 2nd Vice President elect, Morgan State University

The Society of Architectural Historians is now accepting abstracts for its 76th Annual International Conference in Montréal, Canada, April 12–16, 2023 and virtually September 20–22, 2023. Please submit an abstract no later than 11:59 p.m. CDT on June 7, 2022, to one of the 31 thematic sessions, the Graduate Student Lightning Talks or the four Open Sessions for the Montréal conference and 10 thematic sessions or the four Open Sessions for the Virtual conference. SAH encourages submissions from architectural, landscape, and urban historians; museum curators; preservationists; independent scholars; architects; scholars in related fields; and members of SAH chapters, Affiliate Groups and partner organizations.

Thematic sessions and Graduate Student Lightning Talks (GSLT) are listed below. The thematic sessions have been selected to cover topics across all time periods and architectural styles. If your research topic is not a good fit for one of the thematic sessions, please submit your abstract to the Open Sessions; Open Sessions are available for those whose research topic does not match any of the thematic sessions. Please note that those submitting papers for the Graduate Student Lightning Talks must be graduate students at the time the talk is being delivered (April 12– 16, 2023). Instructions and deadlines for submitting to thematic sessions, GSLT and Open Sessions are the same.

Submission Guidelines:


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