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Visiting Fellowships at the Collaborative Research Centre "Dynamics of Security"

The DFG Collaborative Research Centre “Dynamics of Security. Types of Securitization from a Historical Perspective", a cooperation of the Philipps-University Marburg, the Justus Liebig University Giessen and the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe, Marburg, Central Germany, is pleased to offer three visiting fellowships for excellent young researchers. The fellowships are available for a period of three to six months, starting in September or October 2022 (other slots can be individually requested).

Research Programme

The Collaborative Research Centres are institutions established at German universities for a period of up to 12 years and enable researchers to pursue an outstanding research programme at the intersection of various disciplines and approaches. Within the context of the “SFB/TRR 138: Dynamics of Security. Types of Securitization from a Historical Perspective", 60 researchers are investigating how diverse conceptions of security have been developed throughout history, how they found their way into politics and turned into particular policies. The SFB/TRR focusses on the construction and institutionalization of security as interdependent, dynamic processes. Building on the approach of the Copenhagen School in the field of International Relations, the SFB/TRR conceptualizes these dynamic processes as securitization and seeks to deepen and broaden this perspective by including historical perspectives. The SFB/TRR does not adhere to a certain underlying, static definition of security: security, understood as a historically changeable and varying concept as mentioned above, is regarded as a societal construct and object of competing interpretations and interests. In line with this approach, the Research Centre does not focus on a specific time period but on various epochs.


The fellowships are aimed at late-stage doctoral candidates and early career scholars. We offer a monthly grant of € 1,700 for doctoral candidates and € 2,200 for postdoctoral researchers (tax -free but not including any social security or insurance coverage), as well as a travel grant for traveling expenses to and from Marburg/Giessen at the beginning and end of the stay. Visiting fellows are expected to contribute to the discussions and activities of our graduate school and to actively participate in workshops and seminars. This will also include a presentation of current research in one of the seminars, as well as the drafting of a report on research results once the stay is over. Applicants are encouraged to identify the sub-project(s) of the Centre towards which their research endeavor during the guest fellowship will contribute most. Situated at the intersection of social sciences, humanities and history, the Centre welcomes applications from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including political science, sociology, philosophy, history of art, law, and economics. Women, individuals from minority or otherwise
underprivileged backgrounds and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.


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