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One Doctoral Position for 3 Years: European Jewish Thought University of Lille

Call for Applications:
One Doctoral Position for 3 Years: European Jewish Thought
University of Lille

We call for applications for one doctoral position in the field of Jewish thought at the University of Lille, France, starting on October 1, 2022. The position will be part of the Research Center of Cultures, Languages and Literatures (CECILLE: https://cecille.univ-lille.fr/) and of the Lille Doctoral School for Humanities and Social Sciences (https://edshs.meshs.fr/). The successful candidate will be enrolled in the PhD program under the supervision of Prof. Elad Lapidot. Taking residence in Lille will not be required. Prior knowledge of French is not required, but is an advantage. Non-francophone students will be required to learn French in the course of the doctoral program. Candidates must hold an MA by July 2022.

The successful candidate will conduct a PhD project that concerns the emergence of the discourse of diaspora and exile in post-Holocaust Jewish thought in France and Germany. See here a more detailed description of the research field: project description (shorturl.at/suHKV).

Applications should include a cover letter, a CV, a 2-page project (the project must correspond to the project description [shorturl.at/suHKV] – so please read it), and the completed form “Dossier candidat” (shorturl.at/glsH7) (in French or in English), as one PDF file. Please send your application by May 14 to Prof. Elad Lapidot: elad.lapidot@univ-lille.fr. Interviews are scheduled to take place very shortly after. Finalists may be requested to provide references.

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University of Lille, France
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