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Formations: Journal of Art History & Visual Culture / University of St Andrews

CALL FOR PAPERS: Inaugural volume: 'Formations: Current Practices and debates in Art History & Visual Culture'

Deadline for submissions: 9 September 2022

Formations: Journal of Art History & Visual Culture is an annual peer-reviewed and open-access journal founded and edited by doctoral students in the School of Art History at the University of St Andrews. We welcome contributions for the inaugural volume ‘Formations: Current Practices and Debates in Art History and Visual Culture.’

Our premise at Formations is that the history, practice, and theory of art and visual culture is constantly up for scrutiny and redefinition. The journal’s mission is to provide a platform for innovative research in the field of art history and visual culture from the past to the present day. We are dedicated to highlighting new voices and perspectives on both familiar and yet unexplored issues in all periods of art history.

Our inaugural issue engages with the future of the discipline. For this issue, we are especially interested in new voices that question existing narratives or address issues in the practice of art and art history. Suggested topics might include:
• Recent approaches to the study of art history (e.g., decolonial, ecocritical, feminist, global, queer, etc.)
• The relationship between art history and visual culture studies
• Prominent concepts, theories, and narratives in the field
• Methodological issues in art history and visual culture studies
• Case-studies that contribute to expanding or enriching art history or visual culture studies
• Critical interrogations of the histories of art history and visual culture studies as disciplines

We welcome submissions from graduate students, artists, faculty, and independent scholars across the humanities that are between 5000-7500 words in length, including notes. These must be original texts that have not published previously. Proposals should be accompanied by a separate Word file including a cover sheet with the author’s name and short biographical statement, plus author’s institutional affiliation and contact details. Please also provide a 150-word article abstract.

We also welcome other contributions such as translations, interviews, book reviews, and image or text-based artistic contributions. When appropriate, these pieces will also be subject to the peer review process. For queries relating to your contribution to the journal, please contact the editorial team.


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