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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי ה-2 לסכסוכים ולשיתופי פעולה סביבתיים חוצי-גבולות: לגשר על הפער [ברקלי & מקוון 05-06/22] דדליין=15.4.22

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2nd Annual Conference for Cross-border Environmental Conflict and Cooperation : Bridging the Gap

The 2nd Annual International Conference on Cross-border Environmental Conflict and Cooperation (CECC) would like to invite scholars to register and submit an abstract to this year’s conference, to be held between May 31st (in-person, at UC Berkeley, CA) and June 1st, 2022 at UC Davis (online). This year, the conference will focus on the topic of Bridging the Gap: Connecting the Dots in a Fragmented Environmental Field.

Environmental ideas that have been crystalizing in the last five decades are now coming to a turning point. The accumulation of scholarly work on the environment spans natural sciences, organizations, and policies. There are a variety of components, but often insufficient connections and shared language. We aim in this conference to do the work of weaving some of these components together. In particular, we believe that the social sciences and the humanities have a lot to offer for this process of weaving and therefore need to take their place and contribute to integrating environmental knowledge into societal rituals, practices, and identity.

These are some of the questions on which the conference will focus:

• How do policies connect to goals and needs in diverse local social and cultural environments?
• How can “old traditions” help weave new science-informed policies into the social fabric?
• How do we connect different organizational fields to shared environmental ideas?
• How do we weave a shared narrative of sustainability in different contexts?
• How do actors and researchers create a coherent environmental language?

Scholars, professionals, policymakers, and NGO representatives are invited to submit abstracts of up to 150 words for a 15-minute lecture (on Zoom) or an hour-long workshop (in person, at Berkeley, CA) addressing these and other related topics through the conference website.

To register for the conference, click here. This year's conference is free of charge thanks to UC Davis and UC Berkeley's generous support.

To submit an abstract or propose a one-hour workshop, click here.

Conference Plan

May 31st, 2022

The first day of the conference will take place in person, between 9am-5pm, at UC Berkeley, California, and hosted by the Helen Diller Institute, focusing predominantly on local scholarship and expertise, in California and the area. This day will include two keynote lectures, and then 2-3 one-hour workshops that will explore an important next steps needed for connecting Social Studies and the Humanities with environmental challenges, as well as informing environment-related policies and actions. These workshops will include a roundtable element in which experts in their field could discuss these questions, with the potential of creating a joint publication based on the workshop insights. We invite those who wish to participate in this day to submit a short description of their expertise and reason for their interest in participation in the abstract submission page. Participants in this in-person day do not need to submit an abstract. We do invite applicants to suggest main questions or ideas for one-hour workshops, e.g., science communication workshops, or other brainstorming/reflection/roundtable activities for this day, as part of their abstract submission, if they wish to do so.

Keynote lectures will be given on May 31st by Professor Nicole M. Ardoin (link to profile) and Professor Ariel Evan Mayse (link to profile) from Stanford University. A full schedule for both conference days will be available in May 2022. For additional details on speakers and schedule click here.

June 1st, 2022

The second day of the conference will be online, and have a more international focus. It will take place between 9am and 5pm Pacific Time, and will include 4-5 sessions of 20-minute lectures from scholars anywhere in the world. However, local scholars, early career researchers, government representatives, and NGO representatives (California and the area) are also invited to submit abstracts and proposals for online lectures for this day. We encourage scholars to submit abstracts on the main topics of this year's conference, as well as lectures on the topics of environmental cooperation, local and international environmental initiatives, environmental education, environmental justice, marine conservation, and environmental policy and planning.


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