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הזדמנות // מלגה: פוסטדוק בפרויקט "היסטוריות משולבות, קהילות בעיצוב משותף: יהדות, נצרות ואסלאם" [ברן & פרינסטון] דדליין=31.3.22

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Post-doc: Interactive Histories, Co-Produced Communities: Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Call for Applications for Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates to participate in the research project “Interactive Histories, Co-Produced Communities: Judaism, Christianity and Islam”

Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ, USA) and University of Bern (BE, CH)

The project “Interactive Histories, Co-Produced Communities: Judaism, Christianity and Islam” seeks to appoint Postdoctoral Fellows/Research Associates for a period of two years, to join a collaborative community of scholars pursuing rigorous historical research while also committed to exploring ways to address their findings to a broader public.

This is an opportunity for promising early career researchers specializing in the histories of Jews/Judaism, Christians/Christianity, and/or Muslims/Islam to contribute their own research to a large-scale exploration of the long span of history of inter-relation between these three faith traditions.

Successful applicants will join a joint research project directed by Katharina Heyden (University of Bern) and David Nirenberg (Institute for Advanced Study Princeton), in collaboration with an extensive international network of scholars. Appointment will be for up to two years (from autumn 2022 through summer 2024) with renewal contingent on satisfactory progress in the first year. Scholars will be appointed either as Early/Advanced Postdoctoral Fellows at the University of Bern (at 80- 100% effort as defined by Swiss labor law) or as Research Associates at the Institute for Advanced Study, but will function as one team, collaborating closely and meeting regularly both remotely and in person.


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