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הזדמנות // מענק: מטעם האגודה ללימודי המזרח התיכון ואפריקה [ללא תלות במקום] דדליין=15.4.22

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2022 Research Grant Program

To stimulate new and diverse lines of discourse about the Middle East and Africa, ASMEA’s Research Grants Program seeks to support research on topics that deserve greater attention. The topic areas and sub-topics listed below are intended as a guide for potential participants in the program and constitute the types of subjects that ASMEA intends to support. An applicant may submit a proposal on any topic as long as it is directly relevant to the five broad areas outlined below, and constitutes new and original research. Grants of $2500 will be awarded. For eligibility and requirements, refer to the grant guidelines..

Topic Areas:

Minorities and Women

  • Feminism, women’s rights, family law
  • Christians in the Middle East and Africa
  • Alevis, Bahai, Berbers, Druze, Kurds, Yazidis

Military History

  • Terrorist groups- ideologies, intentions, and methods
  • Conventional conflict and proxy war
  • Approaches to national security, deterrence, and proliferation

Governance and Economy

  • Maintaining power- elections, patronage, coercion
  • Political and economic reform movements
  • Economy and state corruption
  • Dealing with bounty: oil, gas and other resources


  • Islamism
  • Islamic heterodoxy
  • Islamic reform movements
  • Shia/Sunni rivalry


  • Current political affairs
  • Center vs. periphery and Persians vs. minorities
  • Traditional approaches to domestic rule and empire
  • Expressing opposition- protest, culture, youth, migration, violence


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