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British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme

We anticipate inviting applications for the 2022 Scheme (subject to confirmation from the British Academy) from candidates already in receipt of a PhD. The exact eligibility requirements will be updated when the British Academy launch the funding call in 2022. The information below is based on our process for the 2021 round.


Outline proposals are requested, along with a short summary CV, to be sent to llc.research@ed.ac.uk by 9 am on 1st August 2022. Late submissions will not be considered.

Your proposal should include an outline of your proposed research, including methodology and timetable; planned outputs; dissemination plans; a note on fit with research activities within the School and your proposed mentor. It is recommended that you contact potential mentors in advance of applying. The proposal should be no more than two pages of A4, using a font of no less than point 11 and 2 cm margins. Your CV (1-2 pages maximum) should include your publications to date along with your academic history, including the date your PhD was awarded.

You should make contact with your proposed mentor before … READ MORE

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