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German Jews and the Arts: Composition, Contemplation, Critique

he Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center for German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

will award doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships for the academic year 2022-2023

2022-2023 Fellowship Theme:

German Jews and the Arts: Composition, Contemplation, Critique

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center invites doctoral and post-doctoral scholars from diverse disciplinary perspectives in the Humanities to pursue researchon German-speaki ng Jews and the arts. By composition,we mean to flag projects that study German-Jewish involvement in artistic production of allkinds; by contemplation we mean to invitestudies of artistic experience within German-Jewish contexts ; by critique we intend studies of the theorization of the arts among German-Jewish thinkers and critics.

Successful applicants will be granted a monthly stipend of 6,000 NIS for postdoctoral fellowships or 5,500 NIS for doctoral fellowships.

Fellows are expected to carry out their researchat the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem from October 2022 through June 2023. During this period,fellows are also expected to contribute to the study of the Center's research theme in the context of the Center's seminar, workshops, and through publication in the Center's journal.

Applicants must have the ability to read texts in German and to follow lectures given in German and English.

Applications must be submitted by April 2, 2022

The full Call for Applicants can be found on our website: www.rosenzweig.huji.ac.il

Applications should be submitted through the HUJI Scholarships System : http://scholarships.huji.ac.il

For more details, please contact: rosenzweig@mail.huji.ac.il

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נעמה סרי-לוי Rosenzweig@mail.huji.ac.il 02-5881909
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