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קול קורא // לסמינר: עיתות מלחמה בתפיסות ובזיכרון של המאה ה-18 [לייבניץ 09/22] דדליין=31.1.22

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CFP: ISECS Seminar for Early Career Scholars 2022 |

September 25 – September 30, 2022 in Schloss Seggau/Leibnitz (Austria)

The International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS) invites applications from scholars in all fields of eighteenth-century studies to participate in a four-day International Seminar for Junior Eighteenth Century Scholars. The seminar will be organized by the Society for Eighteenth Century Studies on South

Eastern Europe with its seat at university of Graz (= Seat of the XIIIth ISECS congress, 2011)
The organizing committee consists of Christoph Gnant (University of Vienna/Austria), Harald Heppner (University of Graz/Austria), Olga Katsiardi-Hering (University of Athens/Greece), Ivan Părvev (University of Sofia/Bulgaria) and Stefanie Stockhorst (University of Potsdam/Germany).

War Times in the 18th century Perceptions and Memories

The 18th century was a period fulfilled with military conflicts in Europe as well in the other
continents. Several generations were directly or indirectly being involved in campains, battles and war logistics on land and water respectively in illness and war damages and were influenced by head and heart. Therefore, we have to expect that war time created a large spectrum of perceptions and memories. The main aspects of the subjects seem to be:

− The role of wartime in the contemporarian perception
− The diversity of wartime memory (soldiers, politicians, managers, clergy, etc.)
− The kinds of traces of wartime (letters, documents, memories, journals, songs, pictures,
monuments etc.)
− The intellectual reflection about war and military violence in the era of enlightenment
− The similarities and diversities in the different war scenes (Western Europe, Eastern Europe,
other continents, continental and maritime aspects).


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כתובת מלאה
Hotel Schloss Seggau, Seggauberg, Leibnitz, אוסטריה
שמירה ושיתוף


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