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קול קורא // כתב עת: שנתון בנושאי לימודי המזרח התיכון [אנגלית] ללא דדליין

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the Israel Oriental Studies Annual

Dear Colleagues,
We are very pleased to inform you that after a hiatus of two decades the IOS Annual (the Israel Oriental Studies Annual) has been relaunched and is renewing its appearance.
Volume 21 was published by Brill recently.
We are now accepting contributions for Volume 22, which will appear in 2022.
Each contribution undergoes a double blind peer review, and is assessed by our international scientific board.
Our editorial statement and mission and details about our editorial board and scientific board, as well as the TOC of our forthcoming volume can found at:
Please send contributions to ios.annual@gmail.com.
Notes for contributors can be found on the website under the downloads tab.
We are of course here for any questions and queries you may have.

Israel Oriental Studies Annual

Yoram Cohen

Section Editors
Amir Gilan, Nathan Wasserman, The Ancient Near East
Letizia Cerqueglini, Semitic Languages and Linguistics
Beata Sheyhatovitch, Arabic Language and Literature

Scientific Board
The Ancient Near East: Yoram Cohen, Uri Gabbay, Amir Gilan, Maurizio Viano, Caroline Waerzeggers, Nathan Wasserman, Ran Zadok, Nele Ziegler
Semitic Languages and Linguistics: Werner Arnold, Alexander Borg, Letizia Cerqueglini, Christopher Ehret, Steven Fassberg, George Grigore, Benjamin Hary, Simon Hopkins, Frank Kammerzell, Geoffery Khan, Uri Mor, Matthew Morgenstern, Hezi Muzafi, Stephan Prochazka, Aaron Rubin, Christian Stadel, Rainer M. Voigt
Arabic Language and Literature: Almog Kasher, Jeries Khoury, Giuliano Lancioni, Beata Sheyhatovitch, Kees Versteegh, Nadia Vidro

The IOS Annual is a peer reviewed (double-blind) publication.


מפרסם ההודעה
Dr. Beata Sheyhatovitch Lecturer The Lester and Sally Entin Faculty of Humanities The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies Tel Aviv University Editorial Board of The Israel Oriental Studies Annual (BRILL) https://telaviv.academia.edu/BeataSheyhatovitch beatashe@gmail.com
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