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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של החברה לחקר ההיסטוריה הצרפתית [אוקספורד 04/22] דדליין=13.12.21

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The SSFH Annual Conference - Encounters/Rencontres

The Society for the Study of French History will hold its 35th annual conference at Exeter College, University of Oxford, from 10 – 13 April 2022.



Encounters are at the heart of human activity and experience and speak to all fields, periods and approaches of historical study.

They may be social, economic, geographical, political, religious, cultural, military, emotional, familial, personal or sexual.

They may be imposed or experienced by travellers, missionaries, migrants, colonists or the colonized, by intermediaries or mediators, but equally by neighbours, family members or partners.

They may take place on a mutual footing or reinforce relationships of power, domination and subordination.

They may give rise to awakenings, understandings and transformations, or else to misunderstandings, mistranslations or conflict.

Encounters are also part of the historical process – with a document, an archive, a witness or an interviewee.

After two years of lockdown, it may be a good moment to reflect on how real life (or virtual) encounters may be thought about.

The SSFH 2022 annual conference invites scholars at all stages of their careers, working on the history of France and its global territories from ancient to contemporary times, or in cognate fields, to submit paper or panel proposals on the theme of ‘ENCOUNTERS / RENCONTRES’. We encourage people to interpret the theme in the broadest possible terms. We particularly welcome contributions from postgraduates and ECRs, overseas scholars, and scholars from under-represented groups. Please note that the SSFH does not accept all-male panels. All the conference venues are accessible and we are very happy to discuss particular needs that participants might have and how we can best accommodate these. The in-person panels will run primarily on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 April.


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Exeter College, University of Oxford
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