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קול קורא // למאמרים: כתב עת חדש לפולקלור יהודי ואתנולוגיה (סיימון ברונר, איימי מיליגן, צפי זבה-אלרן) [אנגלית] ללא דדליין

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Jewish Folklore and Ethnology

Jewish Folklore and Ethnology (JFE) is a peer-reviewed, annual journal issued by Wayne State University Press. It features innovative, original analytical studies, essays, and commentaries in English on the diverse ways in which Jewishness is expressed, conceived, transformed, and perceived by Jews and non-Jews through folklore, tradition, and social/cultural practice. JFE succeeds previous international serials of Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Review and Jewish Cultural Studies sponsored by the Jewish Folklore and Ethnology Section of the American Folklore Society. JFE’s coverage includes but is not limited to genres of narrative, song, music, speech, custom, ritual, belief, art, craft, architecture, dance, dress, and food; practices and performances of the body, faith, home, and community in the past and present; and ideas of tradition, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, education, and culture. JFE invites submissions from varied disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and methodologies/approaches. JFE strives for an international reach in content and authors and values engaging academic writing that will be of interest to lay as well as scholarly audiences.

Analytical essays in English (6,000–8,000 words, double-spaced, in MS Word) should be submitted through the Digital Commons platform. Submissions should be accompanied by a separate file that includes the title of the manuscript and a 100-word abstract.


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