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קול קורא // לכנס: הרחבת הפרספקטיבות של השואה - הכנס ה-52 של מרכז אקרמן לחקר השואה [ריצ'רדסון, טקסס 03/21] דדליין=12.11.21

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52nd Annual Scholars’ Conference - The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas

The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas invites you to join fellow scholars March 5-8, 2022, as we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of this important conference and continue the legacy established by Franklin H. Littell and Hubert G. Locke more than fifty years ago. This conference offers the opportunity to address the historical significance of the Holocaust through scholarship that is interfaith, international, and interdisciplinary.

The central theme of the 52nd ASC is “Expanding Perspectives of the Holocaust.” 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, where Nazi leaders discussed the logistics for the large-scale continental, European, and even global plan for the murder of the Jewish people. The opening of state and regional archives of the former Soviet Union has led to a deeper understanding of the scale and geography of the Holocaust. Indeed, Nazi leaders did not govern exclusively from Berlin, and victims experienced the Holocaust within numerous local, regional, and national contexts. Thus, Holocaust studies have come to promote a much broader and more varied history that exists in local, regional, national, and continental geographies.

The aim of this conference is to expand our understanding of the Holocaust, both in its singularity and in its global implications. How, for example, did African Americans witness the Holocaust? How do scholars in Africa make sense of the Holocaust, as well as antecedent and subsequent genocides? How does a study of the Holocaust inform Latin American academics in their engagement with geopolitical conflicts, totalitarianism, and mass violence? How has the culture of Holocaust remembrance informed the aesthetics of remembrance of other genocides? We welcome in particular scholars working on new approaches focused on Eastern European, African and Latin American perspectives on the Holocaust.


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The University of Texas at Dallas Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, Richardson, TX
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