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קול קורא // לכנס: הקולוקוויום הבינלאומי השנתי לתלמידי/ות מחקר בהיסטוריה צבאית - הכר את יריבך, דווח על סכסוכים: מלחמות, מודיעין ומידע מהעת העתיקה עד ימינו אלה [מונטריאול 10/22] דדליין=15.11.21

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Third International Student Colloquium in Military History

Call for Papers

Knowing Your Enemy, Reporting on Conflicts: War, Intelligence and Information from Antiquity to the Present Day

Montreal, October 24-25, 2022

The advent of digital technology has dramatically changed the way in which information is collected, distributed, and received in times of war. Indeed, while satellites and intelligence drones have become essential tools for any military operation, continuous news channels and social networks are transforming the narrative of conflicts with ever- greater immediacy. Information technologies and the various media continue to gain importance in the unfolding, narration, and perception of armed conflicts. If the issue of information – or misinformation – is essential for contemporary wars, it was also a central component of ancient warfare. Indeed, every era has its own specific problems linked to the informational dimensions of war. This student colloquium on the history of the war offers a long-term perspective and an interdisciplinary approach to the link between war and information. It centres on the following three themes:

  • Warfare and intelligence;
  • Rumours, media, and the public sphere in times of war;
  • Narratives and firsthand accounts of war.


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