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קול קורא // לסדנה: מושגים בפעולה - ייצוג, לימוד ויישום [בולצאנו & מקוון, 09/21] דדליין=16.5.21

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“Concepts in Action: Representation, Learning, and Application” (CARLA) is an international workshop aimed at fostering interdisciplinary exchange about research on concepts. It invites contributions from all fields related to cognitive science, including (but not limited to) linguistics, artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, logic, and computer science.

The workshop is open for research on any aspect of concepts, but there are three overarching topics that are of special interest with the following (not exhaustive) list of exemplary subtopics:

Representation: How can we formally describe and model concepts?

    • Conceptual Spaces, Conceptual Domains, Frames
    • Lexical Semantics and Pragmatics
    • Grounded Cognition, Embodiment, 4E Cognition

Learning: Where do concepts come from and how are they acquired?

      • Evolution of Concepts
      • Cross-Cultural and Social Aspects of Concepts
      • Developmental Psychology of Concepts

Application: How are concepts used in cognitive tasks?

    • Event Cognition
    • Artificial Agents
    • Concept Blending, Metaphors, Creativity

This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to present and discuss ongoing research on concepts, both from theoretical/formal and applied/experimental viewpoints. We invite concept researchers from all fields related to cognitive science to submit abstracts to the workshop.

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