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הזדמנות // מלגה: דוקטורט במרכז לחקר ההיסטוריה של הים התיכון [אונ חיפה] דדליין=31.5.21

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Call for Applications – PhD Scholarships Starting October 2021

The Haifa Center for Mediterranean History (HCMH) is offering a three/four-year PhD scholarship on its research cluster – FIRST ENCOUNTERS: The Ancient Mediterranean Sea as a cultural bridge and barrier under the directorship of Dr. David Friesem and Dr. Gil Gambash. The scholarship should begin in October 2021, or as soon thereafter as possible.

The PhD project will be dedicated to the historical role of the sea in facilitating new cultural connections and exchange between unacquainted ancient societies across the Mediterranean basin, and to the ways in which these societies interacted with unfamiliar ideas and came to conceptualize ‘the other’, be it religious, technological, culinary, intellectual, et cetera in nature.

For more information on the research cluster please go to: https://hcmh.haifa.ac.il/index.php/academic-activity/research-clusters/16-academic-activity/226-first-encounters-the-ancient-mediterranean-sea-as-a-cultural-bridge-and-barrier

The successful applicant will develop a research plan dedicated to the topic of first encounters over the Mediterranean during antiquity, focusing on a theme, period, and case-studies of her/his choice, and employing methodologies and corpora of sources relevant for the specific research questions produced. Suitable candidates may likely come from an anthropologically-oriented disciplinary spectrum ranging from the historical to the archaeological.

Applicants should supply a personal statement which would include a brief description of the envisioned project, a CV highlighting relevant courses and experience, BA and MA transcripts and diplomas, a writing sample (up to 5,000 words – a chapter from the MA thesis is possible), and a single letter of recommendation.

The PhD program and research will be conducted in English, and will become a part of a wider HCMH focus on first encounters, producing additional relevant academic activities. Successful candidates will be expected to apply for the institutional PhD scholarship. Whether successful in the institutional bid or not, they will be entitled to a stipend of 60,000 NIS per year for three years. A fourth year will be considered if necessary.

Please note that this is a competitive scholarship. The HCMH academic committee will evaluate all applications and inform the candidates of their decision. The awarding of the scholarship is pending on academic and administrative good standing, according to the regulations of the Graduate Studies Authority. Renewal of the scholarship will be reviewed each year according to the student's report and the supervisors’ evaluation.

Application materials in PDF format should be emailed to Ms. Shiri Barnhart, HCMH administrator, at hcmh@univ.haifa.ac.il. They are best submitted by the end of May 2021, but will continue to be read until the position is filled. Recommenders should mail their letters directly to HCMH.

Dr. David Friesem and Dr. Gil Gambash, HCMH

dfriesem@univ.haifa.ac.il; ggambash@univ.haifa.ac.il


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