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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס הדו-שנתי למדיה בשפות-מיעוטים [פלנסברג, גרמניה / מקוון 10/21] דדליין=30.4.21

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International conference: Multi-platform and Connecting Communities: Contemporary Challenges for Minority Language Media

The guiding idea behind the second biennial conference on minority language media is to bring together academics and professionals from this field, as well as facilitating intensive exchange of research and practical experiences. This event aims to build upon the expertise of the International Association of Minority Language Media Research (IAMLMR) established in Edinburgh in 2019.

The upcoming conference will be held at the Europa Universität Flensburg, 10 years on from when the institution co-hosted the 13th International Conference on Minority Languages in 2011. Moreover, the core organisational partners at the European Centre for Minority Issues and the University of the Basque Country bring an expanded pan-European focus alongside the regional dimension. Indeed, the Danish-German borderlands provide a unique setting for debates concerning minority language media: it features multiple national minorities (with and without a kin-state), several languages, and long-established minority language media institutions cooperating across borders. The conference therefore aims to encourage a dialogue and facilitate nuanced debates concerning the challenges facing minority language media in local, regional and global contexts, with particular emphasis on an ever-evolving media landscape.

We invite papers that address any of the issues listed below or other topics of relevance for the field of minority language media. Similarly, the organizers welcome contributions from all academic disciplines, including (but not limited to) economics, law, linguistics, media/journalism, sociology etc. Submission of abstracts concerning media of minority and indigenous communities beyond Europe is encouraged.

  1. Digitalisation/the digital age in relation to traditional and new/social media
  2. Language revitalization and activism through media
  3. Cultural policies and effects on identity through media
  4. Media and gender perspectives
  5. Effects on minority/majority relations, language legitimacy and social acceptance
  6. The role of the public sector, including in relation to educational use of media
  7. Translation, subtitling and dubbing (interlingual practices) in traditional and new media
  8. Commercialisation, advertising and language branding
  9. Programming strategies, production conditions and distribution opportunities
  10. Audience, genres and content analysis
  11. The role of international bodies, including the monitoring cycles of the ECRML/FCNM
  12. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on minority language media.


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Europa-Universität Flensburg, Auf dem Campus, Flensburg, Germany
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