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הזדמנות // משרה: תכנית לקליטת בתר-דוקטורנטיםות במדעי הרוח והחברה כאנשי/נשות סגל אקדמי [גרמניה] דדליין=31.3.21

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Alfred Landecker Lecturer Program Alfred Landecker Lecturer Program (Alfred Landecker Foundation)

The Alfred Landecker Foundation is pleased to invite applications from highly qualified postdocs in the humanities, particularly from the field of history, and social sciences for a full-time lecturer program set to begin on October 1, 2021. Up to five university lectureships will each run for five years. The selection process is led by the Alfred Landecker Foundation’s Academic Council.

The program

The program’s mission is to support outstanding, cutting-edge research by individuals on the history and aftermath of the Holocaust and on the social and political transmission of memory of the Holocaust. Because there is no lack of research on such matters, we are in this call explicitly looking for applications with innovative approaches that relate to present-day challenges regarding the politics of memory and democracy. We are also interested in projects that deal with the methods and practices for educating and imparting knowledge about history in the digital age.


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