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קול קורא // למאמרים (כתב עת): ביטחון, מדיניות ופוליטיקה (לב טופור) [אנגלית] דדליין לטקסט מלא=28.2.21

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Security, Policy and Politics

The journal of Security, Policy and Politics, published by the International Institute for Migration and Security Studies (IIMSR), is happy to announce an inaugural first issue. We, the editorial board, call for paper submissions on topics related to security, policy, politics. We are seeking exclusive and previously unpublished papers of great quality and innovation for our first special issue that will be published in the spring of 2021.

Security, Policy and Politics is a peer-reviewed journal, globally and widely indexed. The journal publishes two types of papers as well as commentaries and book reviews. Full research articles should be 7,000-10,000 words, including references. Policy- oriented or short research articles should be 3,000-5,000 words, including references. Notes and Commentaries should be 1,500-2,500 words and book reviews should be approximately 1,500 words.

Formatting, references and general style should follow the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition, footnotes and bibliography). The deadline for submissions is 28 February 2021.

To submit papers, notes and reviews and for further information please contact:
Dr. Lev Topor, Ltopor.iimsr@gmail.com ; lev-topor@hotmail.com
Ms. Ivanka Martinova, imartinova.iimsr@gmail.com

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