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קול קורא // לכנס: רוחניות סובייטית - התופעה ואפשרויות חקירתה [לטביה, מקוון 06/21] דדליין=15.3.21

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The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia, collaboration partner of ReIReS, invites to participate in an international online conference June 10-11, 2021 on “Sovjet spirituality” and welcomes paper proposals before March 15, 2021.

“Sovjet Spirituality”

The conference will focus on the influence and consequences of totalitarian regimes’ ideology in intellectual, cultural and religious practices.

You will be welcome in a discussion on ‘Soviet spirituality’ (or Socialist spirituality)  as a process and a result of implementing Soviet/Socialist ideology via quasi-spiritual and quasi-religious discourse and practices like new traditions to replace the traditions rooted in Christianity.

For Whom

The conference aims to attract scholars interested in presenting their investigations concerning the topic of the discussion. Recent PhDs and other young researchers are also encouraged to participate.


The themes of the presentations may vary, without being limited to:

  • History of anti-religious propaganda and development of scientific atheism in the former USSR and “Soviet bloc” countries;
  • History of the shift from the “struggle against religion” to the “struggle for Soviet spiritual life”;
  • The concept of ‘Soviet/ Socialist spirituality’ and its research methodology;
  • Formation of New Man or “Homo Sovieticus”, and its representations in socialist culture;
  • New ritual year of “Soviet spirituality” and its practices;
  • Interaction between “Soviet spirituality” and Christianity or other religions;
  • Legacy of “Soviet spirituality” nowadays.


מפרסם ההודעה
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