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פרסום // גיליון כתב עת: גנאלוגיות של ספרד (אשר סלה, דניאלה פלסלר, מיכל פרידמן) [אנגלית]

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Daniela Flesler, Michal R. Friedman and Asher Salah (eds.), “Genealogies of Sepharad (‘Jewish Spain’),” Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. Journal of the Fondazione CDEC 18 (December 2020), DOI: 10.48248/issn.2037-741X/10864

  • Introductionby Daniela Fleser, Michal Rose Friedman and Asher Salah                                        
  • Sephardi Women in Ángel Pulido’s Correspondenceby Paloma Díaz-Mas                                        
  • A History of Histories—of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Exchangeby Allyson Gonzalez                                        
  • Jews and Judaism in the Writings of Enrique Jardiel Poncela and his Daughter Evangelina Jardielby Asher Salah                                        
  • A Tale in the Language of “My Mother Spain”

    Carmen Pérez-Avello’s Un muchacho sefardí

    by Tabea Linhard                                        

  • Archives of the Sephardi Kitchenby Harry Eli Kashdan                                        
  • Pedagogies of Citizenship

    Sepharad and Jewishness in Spanish and Catalan Documentary Film and Television

    by Hazel Gold                                        

  • Spain’s Jewish Genealogies in the “Sephardi Portraits” of Daniel Quinteroby Daniela Fleser and Adrián Pérez Melgosa                                        
  • Ancestry, Genealogy, and Restorative Citizenship

    Oral Histories of Sephardi Descendants Reclaiming Spanish and Portuguese Nationality

    by Rina Benmayor and Dalia Kandiyoti


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