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פרסום // גיליון כתב עת: מודרניזם פריפריאלי (ורד שם טוב ומלי לוי) [אנגלית]

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Shemtov, Vered K. and Melih Levi (eds.). 2020. Peripheral Modernisms. Special issue of Dibur Literary Journal, Stanford University

We are excited to announce the publication of “Peripheral Modernisms”, the ninth issue of Stanford University’s Dibur Literary Journal and the first of two issues dedicated to this topic. Contributions to the issue delineate important networks of literary contact and influence in cultures and geographies which have largely remained peripheral to the story of modernism. You can read the new issue online: https://arcade.stanford.edu/dibur/jewish-december-1910-or-parting-ways-eretz-yisraeli-prose-and-hebrew-modernism


Modernist Networks and the Concept of the Periphery: Introduction | Melih Levi and Vered K. Shemtov

Subverting Hebrew’s Gender Binary: Grammar, Poetry, and Performance in the Work of Esther Raab | Shoshana Olidort

The Jewish December 1910; or, The Parting of Ways of Eretz Yisraeli Prose and Hebrew Modernism | Dina Berdichevsky

The Shape-Shifting Margin: Patterns of Change in Arabic Modernism Past Beirut | Daniel Behar

The Revolutionary Force of the Periphery: “The Levant”, “Nostalgia”, and World Literature | Delia Ungureanu

Periphery or Center? Ukrainian Modernism in Kyiv | Irena R. Makaryk

Hidden Contiguities: Zalman Shneour and Leonid Andreyev, David Vogel and Peter Altenberg | Lilah Nethanel

Self-Fashioning in Front of a Distorting Mirror: Interwar Jewish Literature Gazing at Classical Chinese Poetry, or Second-Order Modernism | Giddon Ticotsky

Reading the Talmud in Mexico: A Confession | Ilan Stavans

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