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קול קורא // לכנס: מחשבה פוליטית סוציאליסטית במזרח-מרכז אירופה 1968-1888: מושגים, מחלוקות, שאלות [בודפשט או מקוון 05/21] דדליין=15.2.21

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CfP: Socialist Political Thought in East Central Europe, 1889–1968: Concepts, Debates, Questions

The aim of this workshop is to develop histories of socialism as political thought in East Central Europe from the founding of the Second International in 1889 to the Soviet-led invasion of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in 1968. To accomplish this goal, we particularly invite studies that reflect on the intellectual genealogies of socialist political thought in East Central Europe with a focus on the historicization of key concepts, debates, and questions. Put another way, we would like to solicit studies which address the conceptual components of socialist political thought in a given context and show how these elements were employed in certain polemics (and to which ends).

Broadly speaking, we are interested in contributions which attempt to recapture the rich, complex, and multilayered character of socialist political thought as it existed from the late nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth century. In that way, we are happy to consider studies that, for example, give reinterpretations and recontextualizations of socialist thinkers known to greater or lesser extents, or address the intellectual contours of socialism as lived experience, in comparative, transnational, or global perspectives. Indeed, we are interested in exploring different modes of socialist thought, e.g., in its Christian, Marxist, feminist, populist, agrarian, or democratic varieties.

Some themes we hope to address are:


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