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קול קורא // למאמרים: כתב העת הגלובלי למחקר מדיני וחברתי [אנגלית] דדליין לטקסט מלא=1.4.21

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Call for PAPERS - Global Journal of Political and Social Research

The Global Journal of Political and Social Research (GJPSR) is a peer-reviewed international journal published by the Nunavut Network, designed to promote international knowledge and understanding of political and social issues through publications, education, media, and arts. Toward this objective, the GJPSR is a platform to encourage the submission of manuscripts that engage in cutting-edge theoretical debates and theoretically informed analysis that reflects the best of the global social science community.

GJPSR is currently accepting submission for the June 2021 issue.

Scope:  The Global Journal of Political and Social Research publishes scholarly contributions across the full breadth of fields in Political Science and International Relations, from cutting-edge theoretical and methodological perspectives about topics of contemporary and historical interest. In addition to core issues of International Relations (such as IR theory, international security, international law and organization, area studies, diplomatic history, foreign policy, strategic studies etc.), this includes manuscripts in fields such as international political economy, political theory, political philosophy, political geography, international political sociology, postcolonial theory, comparative politics, and international cultural studies.

Given the recent global developments, possible topics include (but not limited to):

  • New approaches to Political Science and International Relations
  • Ontological (such as OOO), epistemological, and methodological discussions/applications
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Political and Social Research
  • Changes to the International Order (the post-COVID world order)
  • Current Approaches to (Critical Debates in) Social Science
  • Empirically directed research such as GIS applications and digitalization of politics
  • (Bilateral and multilateral) Cross-border/Cross-cultural cooperation; Brexit and future of EU
  • Leadership; Democracy; (Future of) Foreign policies.


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