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קול קורא // למאמרים: מה חושף משבר הקורונה על כלכלה ועל כלכלה? (אנגלית) דדליין לכתב יד מלא=31.8.20

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What does the COVID-19 crisis reveal about Economics and the Economy?

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic remain difficult to appraise. In just a few weeks, some of the fundamental assumptions underpinning our societies have been challenged. The ensuing transformations and responses to the pandemic will have structural effects that will last for decades.

This call for papers is jointly launched by the Régulation Review and the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE). It aims to stimulate a debate that goes beyond current headlines and to develop analyses within the heterodox and pluralistic research community in economic and social sciences.

The call is open to empirical, analytical and theoretical papers on the economic, political and social issues of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributions may, inter alia, address how the pandemic challenges the basic assumptions and presuppositions of the economic and social sciences. How does COVID-19 inform how we think about risk and uncertainty, state forms, and power? How has COVID-19 impacted on institutional regimes, global value chains, social relations with to nature, the concept of crisis and the ways we exit from a crisis? What impact has it had on economic policies, including those in relation to the socio-ecological emergency and the millions of direct and indirect victims of COVID-19?

Given the variety and scope of issues raised by COVID-19, this call is not limited to the above-mentioned issues. The core objective of the call is to enable the scientific community to read and write solid and structured contributions, that might cast a new light on a hugely demanding debate, at this critical moment.

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